Board Members

Board Members

Dwight Guy

Chair - (elected from Yorkton Rural)
My name is Dwight Guy and I have been a board Member since 2012. Jackie, my wife of 25 years, and I are blessed to have seven children: Nathan, Justin, Alexis, and Kassidy (living in Saskatoon after graduating from Sacred Heart High School) and Savannah, Bethany, and Isabelle still attending schools within Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division in Yorkton. We have been proud and involved parishioners at St. Gerard’s Parish since 1993. I work as an industrial mechanic for Mosaic at K1 in Esterhazy. Although, I have never been employed in the education system, I believe that education is a life long journey. My education journey has led me to be a board member, where I had the opportunity to be enrolled in the Professional Director Certification Program from Brown Governance in 2014. When asked what we do as a Board, I usually reply that we ensure that the ingredients are available so that administration can complete the appropriate recipes for a strong Catholic Education for those in our division by working with students and connecting with parents.

Patricia Zaryski

Trustee - (elected from City of Yorkton)
My name is Patricia Zaryski. In 2001, my family and I moved to Yorkton where we had the privilege of enrolling our two daughters, Tannis and Jamie, in the Catholic School Division. While in Yorkton, my career in dentistry continued; I am a Certified Dental Assistant, employed by Prairie Smiles Dental Office. I have worked in dentistry for the past 35 years. My interest in Catholic education led me to be involved in the formation of the Rural Catholic School Division in Yorkton rural in 2006. This Yorkton Rural Division later amalgamated with four other divisions to form Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division. In 2008, I was elected as a board member and have remained an active board member for 12 years. As a board member, I enrolled in the Professional Director Certification Program from Brown Governance in 2015. It has been a wonderful journey, learning so much in the world of governance, education and policy. I am proud to be Catholic and follow my faith journey. I believe there is so much more to come. Believe…Belong… Become

Erin Gibson

Trustee - (elected from Theodore)
My name is Erin Gibson and I was born, raised and still reside on the same farm near the town of Theodore. After graduation I attended the University of Regina and Keyano College obtaining my diploma in Environmental Technology. In 2008, I married Dave Gibson and we have 4 children – Riley, Ronnie, Lottie and Olly. All of our children attend St. Theodore School. For the past 10 years and currently, I work for my family’s company, Ungar Construction and also own and operate West Birch Farm. I am very proud to be a Christ the Teacher Trustee since 2012.

Brian Hicke

Trustee - (elected from City of Melville)
My name is Brian Hicke and I have been a board member from Melville since the 2015 election. My wife of 52 years is Helen (yes, the Slow Helen of Waverley Hotel Steak Pit fame in Melville). Our four children (Jillian, Kenton, Daniel, and Cameron) are all married, three with families, and earning a living right here in Saskatchewan. They all attended St. Henry’s Catholic Schools in Melville. I am permanently retired. I was a teacher for thirteen years, two years as a Principal (in Stockholm, SK.; Inuvik, NWT) and eight years in the Catholic high school system in Saskatoon. After quitting teaching, Helen and I bought the Waverley Hotel in Melville, which we operated as a steak pit, restaurant, and bar business for thirty years, until we sold, eight years ago, and retired in Melville. I have always been involved in our community, and being a School Board trustee is one more way that I can contribute (I am also presently the Chair of the Finance Committee of St. Henry’s Catholic Church). School Boards represent the parents and the taxpayers. That’s our job, and I enjoy serving in that capacity.

Lisa Rathgeber

Trustee - (elected from City of Melville)
My name is Lisa Rathgeber. I was first elected to St. Henry’s School Board (Melville) in 2003. Amalgamation brought St. Henry’s, Yorkton Catholic, and St. Theodore Roman Catholic Divisions together on January 1, 2006. Two current board members who were part of this process remain on the board; I continue to be one of them. My first involvement with the school system was when my children were both young and beginning their Catholic education at St. Henry’s. I started as a parent on the Home and School Committee and I became interested in how things worked and in what my kids were each going to learn. I believed then, as I do now, that Catholic education is a true gift that needs to be protected. I have been married to Terry for over 27 years and we have two grown children – Logan and Haley. I am grateful that they understand the value of Catholic education, have always supported me as a board member, and understood my roles and responsibilities with this role. Being a school board member for over 15 years has been a continuous learning experience! There are exciting things happening in education and I am privileged to be on this journey!

Monique Chaban

Trustee - (elected from Melville Rural)
My name is Monique Chaban and I have been the Melville Rural Board Member since 2016. Throughout our children’s education I have been involved in the School Community Councils at St. Henry’s Jr. School and St. Henry’s Sr. School. I have also participated in the Canadian Parents for French – Melville Chapter at St. Henry’s Jr. School when it was an active committee. I am currently the Human Resource Manager at Horizon Credit Union. My husband, Tim, and I have been married for 22 years. We have two children, Dillon and Madison. Dillon is 20 and working in Bonnyville, AB and Madison is in Grade 8 attending St. Henry’s Sr. School. As a parent, I was fortunate to have the option to provide our children with Catholic faith-based education. As a trustee, I have had the fortune to grow in my faith and ensure that Catholic values and principles are visible in our schools. I am looking forward to seeing what the future of Catholic Education has to offer the students and how it contributes to their successes and achievements.

Angie Rogalski

Trustee - (elected from City of Melville)
My name is Angie Rogalski. I have been married to Greg for 24 years. We have 4 children, all whom have attended or are currently attending St. Henry’s Schools in Melville. Brooke lives in Toronto and just finished a finance diploma. Josh lives in Regina and has completed a level 3 power engineering certificate. Erin is in grade 7 at St. Henry’s Sr. School and Elsie is in grade 4 at St. Henry’s Jr. School. Our family interests vary. My family is active at St. Henry’s Parish in Melville. My husband is a truck driver and I run a home daycare. We enjoy snowboarding in the winter and motorcycling in the summer. I have learned a great deal about the education system in our division and province during my 12 years as a board member. I have also learned a lot about the teachings of the Church. This has helped better understanding how well they complement each other. I believe that learning about the life and teachings of Jesus should be a fundamental part of education. I believe students learning to model and follow His example builds kind, compassionate people who will help shape the future of our province and our country. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to send my children to a Catholic school, as well as to learn and grow in my faith as a board member.

Sheri-Lynne Fedorowich

Trustee - (elected from City of Yorkton)
My name is Sheri-Lynne Fedorowich and I am a recently retired RCMP officer (Sergeant) who served for more than 24 years in various postings in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Presently, I work as a licenced Funeral Director/Embalmer and as a National Lifeguard for the City of Yorkton. In my careers, I have always had a strong faith in God and have tried to adhere to Catholic values which have provided me courage of convictions in dealing with many situations over the years. I was privileged to have grown up in a Ukrainian Catholic family where traditions of my heritage, culture and faith have always remained at the forefront. I was educated from Kindergarten to grade 12 in a Catholic educational system. My father, Bernie Fedorowich, was a past serving Catholic school board member for many terms and his strong faith in the belief of receiving a Catholic education was a gift he passed on to all of my family and myself. In today’s ambivalent times, it is important to place our faith in God. Catholic education is one way in which the Catholic values of belief, belonging and becoming a better Christian can assist today’s youth in their educational journeys. I am an active member of St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic parish and am committed to promoting the betterment of the Catholic faith as a contributing school board member.

Jerome Niezgoda

Trustee - (elected from City of Yorkton)
My name is Jerome Niezgoda. I was first elected to the Yorkton Catholic School Division in 2000 and am the only remaining member from the legacy Board. My wife Barb and I moved to Yorkton with our three daughters, Heather, Brooke and Megan in 1991 while our fourth daughter Emily was born here. Our daughters attended St. Alphonsus School and Sacred Heart High School. We became members of St. Gerard Parish when we moved to Yorkton and I continue to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Communion, Communion Minister to patients in the hospital and as a Lay Presider. My faith has been enriched by my experience in our parish as well as St. Mary’s parish and through my experience as a Catholic School Trustee. Today, all four of our daughters are married, continue to reside in Yorkton and two have blessed us with additions to the family; granddaughter Livia and grandson Leo. I now have a new perspective and interest in Catholic Education watching our grandchildren develop and grow. It is such an amazing experience to have grandchildren and my hopes and prayers are to celebrate their graduations from Sacred Heart High School! We are blessed to enjoy the gift of Catholic Education and I am proud to serve as a trustee in the mission of Catholic Education with Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division.