Career Centre

Career Centre

Career Counsellor

Mrs. Kerrie Shearer assists students in the following areas: career explorations based on personal interests, academic counselling related to high school and post-secondary credit requirements, arranging career and post-secondary presentations and tours, and completing post-secondary and scholarship/bursary applications,

Personal Counsellor

Mrs. Kerrie Shearer provides personal and social counselling for the students at Sacred Heart.  Where necessary she will coordinate referrals to an outside agency.

Aboriginal Liason Worker

Mr. Scott Musqua serves as the Aboriginal Liason Worker for Sacred Heart High School, providing academic support, attendance monitoring, and family and community communications.

Guided Study Room

The Guided Study Room offers the opportunity for one-to-one instruction to supplement classroom learning.  Students may drop in for one time visits for assistance with a particular Language Arts or Mathematics assignment, or students may be referred to the HELP room for one or more periods a day for continued assistance in Language Arts and Mathematics.  Individual computer-based programs ( PLATO ) are available through the Guided Study Room.