Saskatchewan’s Most informed School

St. Theodore School

This past fall, grade 6-8 students from across Saskatchewan were invited to participate in “Saskatchewan’s Most Informed School” which was a competition amongst students in career education. This competition was introduced as a collaborative effort between ChatterHigh and Skills Canada. Students represented their respective schools and answered quizzes to learn more about Canadian universities and the programs they offer. The quizzes also asked students about programs and job opportunities offered through Skills Canada/Saskatchewan. Every question, students were able to research the answers, where they would read about the university, program, or skilled trade mentioned. Students earned points for every question answered and these point totals added were added up for each school that participated.


St. Theodore School has 5 students from grades 6-8 who took part in the ChatterHigh competition this fall. We are pleased to announce that St. Theodore School has won “Saskatchewan’s Most Informed School-A Division”. Students at St. Theodore tallied the most points across Saskatchewan with schools less than 100 people.

“I feel confident and happy with my career path options because I took part in this competition. This competition really helped to explore careers in agriculture and different schools that hold these kinds of programs plus my interests in sports and extracurriculars.”   Mara V, Student, St. Theodore School, Saskatchewan

“Personally, when I went to school I didn’t have the opportunity to explore all this kind of stuff and I think it’s awesome because every time students were on ChatterHigh, I got a new question from them. So, this competition, especially at their age, piques their curiosity and opens up options for them.”  Mr. Dzuba, Teacher, St. Theodore School, Saskatchewan

“I am extremely proud of them. This is only my second year out here and I was told when I came here that they are small but mighty. And, they certainly are. They put their mind to great things and they can accomplish them. Thank you for recognizing that and we’re very proud of them.”    Tammy Morrison, Teacher/Principal, St. Theodore School, Saskatchewan