SCC Fundraisers

Dear St. Michaels School Families,

As the Christmas season approaches, we wish to remind you that our fundraising
efforts are looking a little different this year. Where we once had raffle baskets,
hot lunches, and dainties, we now have a group of SCC members gathered around
a ZOOM screen trying to brainstorm efforts to keep our students equipped
with everything necessary for them to succeed while remaining diligent on COVID

With that being said, we would like to involve as many members of the St. Michaels
Family as possible in the next fundraising proposal we have!

We are calling on families with home-based businesses to participate in an on-line
market. Those who are interested in offering their products to our students and their families
would donate a portion of the sale profits back to the school.

We understand some of your businesses already have “Fundraising Catalogs” put
together which is fantastic, but if not and you want to put a proposal
together for our SCC to review we will take all proposals into consideration!

St. Michaels School families and students will be directly in touch with
each of the participating business representatives in regards to
orders, payment and delivery.

We are excited about this new opportunity to involve many student families and
support their businesses as well as our school.

If you have a side business and would like to be involved in our Fundraiser please email the St.
Michael’s SCC at

We would encourage all requests to be in by Monday, November 16th as we would like to allot
enough time for students and their families to browse and shop in order for products to be here
before Christmas!

We look forward to hearing from you and wish to thank you for
your continued support.