About Us

About Us

Our Mission:

St. Paul’s Elementary School is a Catholic School which is centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to provide an educational environment within our school, and our community in which all students experience growth and success academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our Values and Visions:

Academic Excellence: St. Paul’s School staff and students will strive for academic excellence in all educational disciplines.

Quality Catholic Education: Each student will have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God and the Church and an understanding of religious tradition and doctrine. All students will actively participate in the community of faith.

Safe and Respectful Environment: A school community consists of students, staff, and parents or guardians. All members of the St. Paul’s School community will work together to promote a respectful environment which is safe, loving, and caring, reflecting the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Acceptance and Awareness of Individual Differences: Students and staff of St. Paul’s School will recognize, accept, and support the individual uniqueness, abilities, and interests of each other as created by God.

Self- Pride and Moral Consciousness: St. Paul’s students will develop a sense of self-awareness and accountability, thus enabling decision making on moral values.