About Us

About Us

Sacred Heart High School was founded by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate.  In 1916 the Sisters arrived in Yorkton on the invitation of Bishop Budka and Father A. Delaere to set up a school for Ukrainian immigrants.  On January 11, 1917, the school opened and established as the Sacred Heart Institute, under the leadership of Sister Ambrosia Lenkewich, the Canadian Provincial Superior at the time.  The school opened with an enrolment of 25 elementary students and the next year the enrolment increased to 75 students of which 22 were students whose parents were lost to the influenza epidemic.

In 1945, the name changed to Sacred Heart Academy and it became a boarding school for girls from grade nine to twelve. The first volleyball team was established in 1959, and the first Musical was held in 1961. In 1967, the first male teachers were hired. From 1967 to 1973, boys and girls from Sacred Heart Academy and St. Joe’s Academy, the boys’ school, exchanged classes.

In 1973, boys were allowed to enroll at Sacred Heart Academy, making it co-ed for the first time. The name was then changed to Sacred Heart High School. Grade eight was added to the school in 1989.

In the fall of 1998 the grade eight classes remained at the four elementary schools and Sacred Heart once again became a grade nine to twelve school.

In April of 1998 the Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate handed the full responsibility for the operation of the school over to the Yorkton Catholic School Division.  The work of the SSMI will be carried on by the staff and students.

In February 2003, construction of the new Sacred Heart High School shown below was completed.  Students and staff made the transition to the new facility, and began classes in the new school on February 24.  While this transition marked a new era in Catholic education at the High School level in Yorkton, every effort was made to retain the unique traditions established by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate.

Our Faith

As a Catholic school, we try to see the student in his/her total wholeness.  God has revealed to us, though Jesus Christ, His son, how we are to live and how we are to love one another.  It is our hope that teachers and students strive to relate Christian values to all school subjects and apply these values to everyday life.

When you register at Sacred Heart High School, you are accepting certain obligations:

Each student must strive to create a Christian Community within the school. All students are required to complete a Christian Ethics course for each year of attendance at Sacred Heart. Students are required to attend and participate in all liturgical celebrations and retreats.

Catholic Studies

The responsibility of making Sacred Heart a Catholic school falls on the shoulders of the entire school community. Every staff member attempts to provide leadership and example in expressing our faith.

Our faith is encouraged and nourished in a variety of spiritual exercises. They include daily prayer at the start of the day, prayer to start Catholic Studies courses, Christian Action projects, social justice work, Liturgical Celebrations, celebration of Reconciliation and school retreats.

The study of our Faith is nurtured at each grade level under the direction of the Religion Co-ordinator and Catholic Studies teachers. The aim of Catholic studies is for students to understand, value and engage in Catholic Christianity so they may hear an invitation, or deepen their commitment, to live as followers of Jesus Christ. The grade nine course focuses on journeying in faith with community. Grade ten focuses on understanding the call to evangelize. Grade eleven explores the joy of a Catholic identity and grade twelve studies what it means to embrace a Christian lifestyle.

Students of all religious faiths are welcome to join the Sacred Heart Family provided they accept the fact that we are concerned with Christian formation. Our students must view the Catholic Studies courses, Liturgical Celebrations, and retreat experiences as an integral part of their program and pursue them with the same diligence as any other course.


One way to grow in faith is to pray.  The chapel is a haven of silence and peace.  Students and staff are welcome to use the chapel to pray in the presence of the Lord.

Parish Involvement

Students at Sacred Heart are encouraged to take an active role in their home parishes.  This includes regular attendance at weekend liturgies and participating in the variety of ministry opportunities offered through the parish.

St. Mary’ Ukrainian Catholic Church
240 Wellington Avenue
Saturday 7:00 PM (English)
Sunday 9:00 AM (Ukrainian) & 11:00 AM (English)

St. Gerard’s Roman Catholic Church
125 3rd Avenue North
Saturday 7:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM