About Us

About Us

École St. Henry’s Jr. Elementary School is a learning community that is home to 171 children, aged 3-11 in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4. St. Henry’s Jr. Elementary School is situated in Melville, Saskatchewan and draws students from the community and surrounding rural area. It is a dual-track school which offers both an English program (Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4) and a French Immersion program (Grades 1 to 4). St. Henry’s Jr. Elementary School provides a faith-based education in accordance with the curriculum as outlined by the Ministry of Education.


Our School Motto

Building Great Character…One Virtue at a Time

Our School Mission

We believe there are many areas of growth in the education of children.

Spiritual Growth
We believe:
In God, in Jesus the Son of God, in Mary the Mother of God, in the saints, and in the angels.
That we are all brothers and sisters in God’s Family.
In the power of Prayer.
That we need to model the teachings of Jesus.
In Meditation.
In learning about our Catholic Faith.
That we are on a journey of Faith.
That Virtues are action words.
We can trust in God.
In-class preparation for First Eucharist and Reconciliation
The belief in God and prayer is taught to all students during religious instruction.
Participation in Mass each month.
Service as altar servers.
Participation in Shaegula, the school choir for students in Grades 3-9
Incorporate the Virtues in all areas of school life
Gospel Assemblies
Celebration of the Feast Days of our patron saints
Academic Growth
We believe:
Everyone should have equal access to quality education.
Everyone has a right to learn.
We need to teach so that every child can learn.
We should recognize and accept differences in all people.
We need to teach in the ways that will encourage lifelong learning.
Students need to master basic literacy skills—Reading and Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Technology.
We need to provide intervention early, whenever a student is not mastering essential learnings, so the student can achieve mastery.  This will enable the student to progress more effectively.
We need to capitalize on the teachable moments.
Regular English program
French Immersion program
Core French program
Computer Instruction
Special Education/Resource program
Paraprofessional support
Educational field trips
Author and special presentations
Book fair
Geography Challenge
Spelling Bee
Oratory Competition
Chess Club
French Introduction in Kindergarten
Social-Emotional Growth
We believe:
That we need to model the virtues, especially Kindness, Respect, and Honesty.
That school has to be a safe and caring place.
We need to intentionally teach the specific skills that will help children fit in with their peers.
We need to have students role-play and practice social skills.
We need to find the good in each person.
Teaching is the most important job after parenting.  It is our responsibility to be excellent role models.
The Virtues have become the language of the school.  Students learn by example what each Virtue means and how to practise each one.
Generosity is practiced by participation in fundraising for Terry Fox run, Project Love, and Telemiracle.
A speech pathologist, in-school social worker, occupational therapist, and educational psychologist provide additional services.
Family groups
Spirit days
Tinsel Tree Mall
Physical Growth
We believe:
Children should not go hungry; therefore, feed them if they do not have adequate lunches.
We should encourage children to dress appropriately for the weather and modestly according to the dress code.
We need to help children understand that there are limits and rules for good conduct as well as safety.
We need to be proactive and teach rules of good behavior.
We need to ensure the students are in an environment free from danger and from bullying.
We need to provide quality instruction and daily physical activity.
Quality daily physical education
Intramural program
In Motion classrooms
Standards Track and Field Meet
Snowshine Winter Fun Day
Skating program
Cross-Country Running
Recess Football
Brain Gym
Knights of Columbus Free Throw
Pass, Punt, & Kick Competition