A Catholic Pre-Kindergarten offers high quality early childhood education in a safe, caring, nurturing Christian environment.

This combination of excellent teaching, program, and school environment all contribute to the development of your child’s social, thinking, communication, and physical skills.  The earlier your child receives support in developing these aspects in a play-centered Christian environment, the easier it will be for him or her to make the transition to Kindergarten and grades beyond.  Research proves that children who receive developmentally appropriate opportunities and supports at an early age have a greater chance of succeeding at school.  Pre-Kindergarten gives your child a valuable “head start” in preparing for school.

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The purpose of our Kindergarten program is:
  • To develop social skills necessary to work and play with others
  • To develop the ability to work independently and cooperatively
  • To acquire manual dexterity skills
  • To develop verbal skills
  • To prepare the child for more formal work through organized learning experiences
  • To provide a readiness program in preparation for Grade 1

Kindergarten Brochure


French Immersion

The goal of French Immersion programs is to provide youth with the opportunity to become functionally bilingual, to be able to work in both official languages and to appreciate cultures other than their own.

French is used as the language of instruction for the same subject curriculum as English-only schools. French Immersion programs meet all of the educational requirements of Saskatchewan Learning.

French Immersion programs are designed for children whose first language is not French.

French Immersion at École St. Henry’s Jr. Elementary School is offered in Grades 1 to 4.  Students can continue their studies in French Immersion in Grades 5-9 at St. Henry’s Sr. School, and Grades 10-12 at Melville Comprehensive School.  Students at St. Henry’s Jr. Elementary School are able to register in French Immersion in Grade 1.

Students in Kindergarten receive 60 minutes of Introduction to French.  During this time, students are introduced to the French language through song and play.  In the spring of their Kindergarten year, parents will be asked to make a decision as to which program—English or French Immersion—that their child will pursue in Grade One.

French Immersion Brochure