Attendance:  Parents are requested to contact the school prior to the beginning of morning or afternoon classes indicating the reason for your child’s absence.    If parents fail to contact the school, the school shall attempt to contact the parents to determine the reason for the child’s absence.  We ask all parents or guardians to call us at 728-3877 or send an e-mail to

School Drop Off: If parents are dropping their children off at school either before school and at noon hour, the school kindly asks parents to drop their children off at the south doors facing 12th avenue and not the teachers entrance. Students are to use teachers’ entrance only

  1. when arriving to school while classes are in session so as to check in to the office prior to reporting to class.
  2. when there is an indoor recess due to inclement weather  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
  3.  3:35 Pick-Up: This is just a friendly reminder that there is no parking on the south side of 12th avenue. No parking signs are located there for your reminder. We would ask, for the safety of our students, that if parents are picking up their children on 12th avenue to park their vehicle on the north side of the street (closest to the school). Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.