About Us

About Us

January 10, 1958, marked the first meeting of the Board of the Yorkton Catholic School District, which established the youngest Catholic School District in Saskatchewan.  Our school was named after St. Mary’s Parochial School (1919-1959).

Together with our twin school, St. Alphonsus, construction began in August of 1958 and was completed sufficiently for school opening in September of 1959.  The cost of St. Mary’s project at the time was approximately $100,000.

September 1, 1959, marked the first day of classes.  The enrolment was 171 students in grades 1-8.  November 15, 1959, marked the Solemn Blessing and Official Opening.

In 1963, there was an addition of 350 square metres.  In 1968, there was a second addition of 300 square metres.
The 1969-70 school year saw St. Mary’s become a grade 1-6 school.  Then in 1970-71, St. Mary’s enrolled its first Kindergarten class.

A larger renovation project began May 10, 1988, and was completed December 31, 1988, at a cost of $1,314,659.  This renovation included a mini-chapel and the school’s first gymnasium.

Since the last addition to St. Mary’s, two portable classrooms have also been built.  The last one was added in 1998 at a cost of $170,000.

In the fall of 2002, St. Mary’s School was designated a Community School by the Saskatchewan Government.  Program direction created the need for a community kitchen.  This renovation project was completed in the spring of 2007.