St. Mary’s School offers Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 English programming as determined by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.  Locally developed options include:
• Religion
• Band (Grade 5-8)
• Home Economics,  Industrial Arts, Technology (Grade 7-8 instruction occurs at Sacred Heart High School)

Religious Education

Religion is an integral part of the daily school routine at St. Mary’s School, both in expression and instruction. All grades use the national Catechetical series, Born of the Spirit, supplemented by the Fully Alive family education program. Sacrament preparation through the Church and supported instructionally by the curriculum.


Prayer is an important part of daily school life. Classes have many opportunities to pray in their classrooms and at school assemblies. St. Mary’s School regularly celebrates Masses and Liturgies with the priests from St. Gerard’s Church and St. Mary’s Church. Each day begins with prayer; grace is offered before lunch; each day ends with prayer.


St. Mary’s School offers a Pre-K program to families with children 3-4 years old.  Major aims of the program are:  to develop positive self-esteem, to develop speech and language skills, and to socially prepare the children for Kindergarten.

Families with children who are 3-4 years old are invited to complete an application form for the program.  A selection process is in place to determine which students will qualify for the Pre-K program.


St. Mary’s School offers a Kindergarten for Enhanced Literacy program.  To attain targeted outcomes, students regularly attend kindergarten either the even or odd days of the 6 day cycle of the school calendar.

Social Skills Programs

St. Mary’s School is concerned about the safety and well being of our students and has implemented a number of preventative programs at each grade level which provide students with skills and strategies for coping with situations which may be encountered at school and in everyday life.

These programs include:

  • Kindergarten – The Incredible Years
  • Grade 1 – The Incredible Years and C.A.R.E. (Challenge Abuse Through Respect Education)
  • Grade 2 & 3 – Second Step
  • Grade 4, 5 & 6 – Steps to Respect
  • Grade 6 – RespectEd – “Beyond the Hurt” (Bullying and Peer Harassment)
  • Grade 7 – RespectEd – “It’s Not Your Fault” (Abuse & Neglect)
  • Grade 8 – RespectEd – “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” (Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships)


St. Mary’s students have access to a fully equipped lab of IBM computers, as well as to classroom computers.  Student learning is enhanced through the implementation of the Christ the Teacher Scope and Sequence, which provides expectations for technological skills and applications at each grade level.

Internet Use

Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division encourages the use of the internet as a valuable educational tool and resource.  Students and parents/guardians are required to complete the Electronic Information System Student Acceptable Use Policy Permission Form before students are granted permission to access the Internet.

Outdoor Education

Christ the Teacher Catholic Schools have developed an extensive outdoor educational program, with each grade targeting specific learning outcomes to enhance the regular instructional programs.  Activities at each grade level include:

  • Grade 4: Swimming – Water Safety (Yorkton Gallagher Centre)
  • Grade 5: Sand Dunes Hike – Ecological Study (Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park) 
  • Grade 6 & 8: Downhill Ski Instruction
  • Grade 7: Overnight Canoe/ Camp Skills Training (York Lake Provincial Park)
  • Grade 7: AMPO – Christ the Teacher One-Week Camp Program (Duck Mountain Provincial Park – Madge Lake)
  • Grade 8: Overnight Cross Country Ski Excursion (Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park)