Our Faith

Our Faith

This years theme is “FOLLOWING CHRIST”

A Reflection on the Purpose of Catholic Schools

A religious dimension enhances our growth as Christians. Catholic celebrations are held in the school throughout the year.  Parents are invited to come and celebrate with us.

What is the purpose for the existence of Catholic schools?

The Catholic Schools exist for a threefold minstry or service:
1)  To teach doctrine. Doctine is  concerned with the message of hope that is contained in the Gospel.  Doctrine presents us with the unbelievably marvellous “Good News” that God is our Father who showed us through his son, Jesus, that He loves us with unconditional love, and shares his life with us through His Holy Spirit.
2)  To build a Christian Community as a reality to be lived every day by its members.  From the very beginning the child must be introduced into a community of learning and living, a community of love for, and service to others.  This community involves children, teachers, parents and priests.
3.  To be of service to all mankind.  As a vibrant living community, it does not look in upon itself, but looks outward to all people without exception:  their needs, their suffering, their climb upward to fulfillment in Christ.