School Community Council

School Community Council

We are pleased to announce our School Community Council:

Chair: Joanne Fourie

Vice-Chair: Randi Keeper

Secretary: Kristin Sedgwick

Treasurer: Steven DeLong

Members at large:   Cassidy Wagner, Holly Hanley, Laura Gendall, Sheranga Jayasinghe, Jaime Kennedy


Teacher/Staff Representatives:

Tammie Latimer

What is a School Community Council?

In Saskatchewan, school community councils are:
~ Advisory groups established at each school;
~ Focused on enhancing student learning and well-being;
~ An integral, purposeful and valued component of school governance.

School councils are not required to teach, to administrate or to form policy.  They are expected tp represent the parent and community in our schools.  The council members understand the needs and wishes of parents and the community and are expected to bring that knowledge and understanding to the education of their children.

The Christ the Teacher Catholic School’s purpose is defined as, “to develop shared responsiblitly for the learning success of students”.

Work done to date on your Constitution for School Community Councils further defines the purpose and role of the SCC to include:
~ Participating in preparing the Learning Improvement School Plan
~ Reporting regularly to parents, the board of education, staff and community
~ Encouraging all forms of meaningful community and parental involvement and support
~ Becoming well informed about school and board policies and procedures
~ Establishing an environment where all feel respected
~ Building on the successes that previous home-community-school associations have achieved.




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