About Us

About Us

The Christ the Teacher school division was formed from the amalgamation of five pre-existing Catholic divisions:  St. Henry’s RCSSD #5 in Melville (Est. 1913 A.D.), Yorkton RCSSD #86 (Est. 1958 A.D.), St. Theodore RCSSD #138 (Est. 2003 A.D.),  Melville Rural RCSSD #217 (Est. 2005 A.D.) and Yorkton Rural RCSSD #216 (Est. 2005 A.D.) These boards amalgamated to form the new Christ the Teacher Roman Catholic Separate School Division #212, effective January 1, 2006.

Board members are elected by school division electors to represent each of the jurisdictions.  The total number of board members is now 10.

The Board is committed to ensuring the success and continued benefit of Catholic Education in the division and in the province.

  • Mission Statement – As a Christ-centered learning community, we…
    • engage and challenge all learners,
    • model and form character,
    • know Christ and make Him known
  • Core Values –
    • Faith – We develop a relationship with Christ, following his example by loving and serving others.
    • Respect – We value all people and treat one another with dignity and compassion.
    • Learning – We continually grow in our expertise and proficiency to support the learning of all students.
    • Integrity – We adhere to moral principles in our words and actions.
    • Stewardship – We use the gifts God has given to us to do the work God is calling us to do.
  • Motto – Believe…Belong…Become

We Believe…

The Creed is a declaration of our Catholic faith and articulates clearly what we believe as Christians.

Visitors to each of our schools will be welcomed by this beautiful testament to our Faith and mission.  The original picture was taken by a student from Sacred Heart High School while on the annual Outdoor Education canoe trip on the Churchill River System in Northern Saskatchewan.

The words of the Nicene Creed were chosen to represent and affirm the commitment of our schools, students, staff, families, Board, and communities to the mission of the Catholic Church.