New Pathways and New Courses
Sacred Heart High School teachers and students have begun working with new grade 10 courses as part of a Provincial Mathematics Curricular Renewal. Saskatchewan’s new grade 10 to 12 mathematics courses are based upon the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol (WNCP). This framework was developed in response to information collected from WNCP post-secondary institutioaltns and business and industry sectors regarding the mathematics needed by students for different disciplines, areas of study, and work areas. The framework is a substantial change and is based on streams or pathways ( Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics, and Pre-Calculus) starting in Grade 10; more information about the common framework initiative can be found at . In addition, the new curriculum represents significant changes from the previous curriculum, focusing more on student outcomes, essential questions and inquiry learning.

How will this affect our students?
In each pathway, students will be invited to actively discover and view Mathematics as a dynamic and logic-based language that they will need to explore and make sense of for themselves. For many teachers, parents, and former students, this is a marked change from the way mathematics was taught to them.
In addition, with the math courses now organized around
“Pathways” ( Please refer to “Parent’s Guide to the Renewed Secondary Mathematics Program. pdf”) parents and students will now more than ever need to actively explore possible career paths in order to choose the math courses that reflect student interests and meet Post Secondary Program Requirements.

Post Secondary Requirements
It is important to note that because these courses are new, university math requirements are in a DRAFT stage and are subject to changes. The following are the most current draft documents that reflect what each institution has identified as high school math entrance requirements for their programs. Please take a moment to review these documents. If you would like more information, I would encourage you to visit their respective admission sections :

Draft of University of Saskatchewan Math Entrance Requirements

University of Saskatchewan Admission Requirements.pdf

Draft of University of Regina Math Entrance Requirements

University of Regina Math Entrance Requirements.pdf

Math Requirements for SIAST Programs
Here is a chart that summarizes the mathematics requirements for SIAST programs.

SIAST Math Requirements.pdf

You can also view this information on the SIAST website (select a program to view the requirements):

Grade 10 Math Courses
Students are strongly encouraged by the Ministry to take both of the Grade 10 math courses: Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10 & Workplace and Apprenticeship 10.


  • Students will benefit as there is rigorous math learning in both courses. This will allow students to develop a deep foundational understanding of mathematics.
  • Students should be exposed to the mathematics in all three of the pathways before deciding on a pathway.
  • It delays the decision regarding which pathway to take until Grade 11.
  • It would make the transition easier for those students who wish to change pathways part way through their high school years.

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