Catholic Education

Catholic Education

Catholic Education is education that is based on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.  It is education where the spiritual development is recognized as being critical to each child’s growth, development, and education.  Our schools strive to include this focus in all aspects of school life including classroom instruction, the administration of the school, discipline, and the general school community and atmosphere.

Christ the Teacher Catholic Schools believe that the daily experiences in a student’s school life should be consistent with and support what is taught at home.  Catholic schools work in partnership with the family and the Church to help teach and continually reinforce the values, morals, and beliefs, our parents hold for their children.


Is Catholic Education for your family?

Our students are required to participate fully in the religious education program including regular classroom instruction and liturgical celebrations.

If Christian values and morals taught in the context of Catholic tradition are what you want for your children, then we would encourage you to contact the school in your area to find out more about Catholic education and Christ the Teacher Catholic Schools.

Families of all faiths are welcome in Christ the Teacher Catholic Schools provided parents express a sincere desire to have their children taught in an environment where the development of Christian values is intrinsic to all aspects of everyday school life.  Catholic traditions and values are the essence of our schools and it is essential that they be respected and supported by all members of our school community.