Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

We have developed an extensive outdoor educational program, with each grade targeting specific learning outcomes to enhance the regular instructional programs.
Activities at each grade level include:

Grade 4: The Swimming Program at the Gallagher Centre pool targets water safety, comfort and enjoyment in the water

Grade 5: Good Spirit Lake Sand Dunes Ecological Study

Grade 6: The York Lake environmental/nature study and downhill skiing at Duck Mountain Ski Resort or Assissippi Ski Resort

Grade 7: The fall York Lake overnight canoeing and camping skills training and AMPO, the culmination of our Outdoor Education Program.

AMPO – the culmination of our Outdoor Education Program
The skill and learnings of our entire outdoor education program are drawn together at AMPO, a week in late May where all grade 7 students from the four Catholic elementary schools come together at the St. Michael’s Camp at Madge Lake to grow in friendship and develop spiritually through orienteering, canoeing, hiking, fishing, archery, and a multitude of other activities.
The memories, friendships, and skills learned from AMPO last our students a lifetime!

Grade 8: Our elementary outdoor education program comes to an appropriate conclusion with an overnight cross country ski trip and “transition to high school” retreat at Good Spirit Lodge in February or March each year.